Sunday, February 12, 2012


Last month my husband and I had a session with a parenting coach. My almost ten-year old has hit adolescence and it's taken us by surprise (we thought we had a few more years before he started asking for the car keys!).

She shared that the number one thing we can do to support our son through this transition and make our lives easier, is to cultivate a continual state of curiosity (particularly around his changing behavior).

I've been playing with this concept all month and after getting triggered this weekend around an old childhood wound, I'm thinking of adopting curiosity as my word of the year!

Curiosity. What if...? Why ...? Why not...? What's possible ...? What's working...? What's not ...? What's next....? I wonder what would happen if ....?

For the last thirteen years, I've been writing, speaking, coaching, training and teaching around themes related to life balance. I'm fascinated with how we enhance our emotional/spiritual well-being on a daily basis, what throws us into disequilibrium and what are the "paths to peace" that bring us back to center most quickly?

I heard a friend say the other day that her favorite phrase whenever her life gets bumpy, is "I wonder what will happen next?" And she says this with absolute joy, delight and true wonder!

I wonder what will happen next ...? I like that. I also appreciate that the state of curiosity invites expansiveness (much like we explore in the I CHOOSE LOVE movement--see below), openness and even a dash of "Anything is possible!"

It will be fun to observe how curious I can be this week around what's currently going on in my life and what is yet to emerge this week and this month. I'll keep you posted how things unfold.

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Photo: Chaco Canyon, New Mexico at sunset on the evening of a full moon. For days we asked "Why and what if?" after visiting these lost Anasazi ruins which were suddenly vacated in 700 A.D. Highly recommend making the long haul out to this incredible ancient site (even better if you can visit on a full moon).

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