Sunday, October 30, 2011


Friday I got triggered.

One of my team members told me they wouldn’t be available to help me this week as I prepare for several major events.

I translated this into “I’m not supported in the world." 

And I immediately felt a strong tidal wave of emotions sweep through my body. 

But then something interesting happened.

Thirty minutes later—after ten minutes of slow, deep, conscious breathing while I was sitting in my car outside my hair salon preparing to go in for a trim--I heard a clear, kind voice say, "You know that’s not true. You are abundantly supported.”

This truth landed internally like a 100 pound anchor, and as I resonated with these words, I felt something inside me “dislodge.” It was like a re-patterning was occurring in the moment—as if my internal blueprint for how I see and respond to life was shifting.

It was quite powerful.

I’m in the middle of facilitating and participating in a tele-course where we’re challenging ourselves weekly to let our old, outdated habits and ways of thinking and being “fall away” (what better time to do this than autumn, especially after this past summer).

This morning I’m feeling deep gratitude for the opportunity to step into a New Way of Being with my class. Because this—releasing, stretching, evolving, coming into the highest expression of who are while in the good company of others—is what I believe this “thing we call life” is all about. 

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Photo:  Me hiking "au natural" in Big Sur last year with my husband. This week, one of my team members shared with me how different I look now than I did 10 years ago (more youthful and vibrant now). It seems when we begin to have shifts and our inner landscape becomes lighter and more alive-- our outer landscape follows suit.

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