Monday, July 25, 2011


In 1999 I was so ready for a career change I thought I would implode if my new path didn’t reveal itself soon!

I was taking many steps to support the career exploration process--doing informational interviews, journaling and asking the hard questions, conducting research, getting support, thinking big, staying true to my passion and saying no to a lot of opportunities that weren’t a true fit---but I had yet to land on a new path that felt so solid and right I was ready to ditch my full-time job as an established department head leading a robust marketing communications division. (Check out my Friday workshop if you’re considering or are in the midst of a career change.)

So being the type A, driven, “make it happen” kind of person I was then, I booked a vacation with my fiance to Huatulco, Mexico and told my new career path it had exactly 10 days to arrive. When I returned from our vacation getaway, I wanted the answer delivered in a nice neat package to my door (preferably via FedEx). I was tired of waiting and being in limbo. So as was my style then, I planned to force this to happen by giving the Universe a deadline!

Looking back at that time, I’m able to laugh now (I did end up making a big change in 2000—the year I launched Career Strategists, but this clarity came to me months later, after I was able to relinquish “paralysis by analysis” and finally let go of the fear that was keeping me from seeing what had been in front of me all along).

This teaching came to me in yoga this morning when I set my intention for the day and heard clearly, “Relax … and wait.”

While my larger life and career path feels clear, I’m completely up in the air around specifics like my new book release date, when to roll out some new revolutionary programs/events I’m creating, what my fall is going to look like work/schedule/location-wise, how much to travel this fall, etc.

One thing I’ve learned since launching my first business almost 12 years ago, is how essential is to take action that is deeply guided, as opposed to just taking action for action’s sake. It’s important to me to use my precious time and energy in the most effective way possible. I like to enjoy work, to find pleasure in what I do, to have fun, to feel synchronized inside and out, to flow with things, to work with people I love—and of course, to get things done.

The other day, I had tea with a dear friend and mentor. She listened to me talk about my strong desire to “Do it different” this fall, to work with more spaciousness and ease than ever before (read more) and she applauded my willingness to surrender and wait to see what this might look like. She suggested I consider the mantra, “Let me be willing to let go of what I think the world needs from me …” that really resonates with my desire to take my hands off the wheel and step into more freedom this fall (click here to receive our August newsletter on What Are You Ready to Be Free From?).

So for now, I wait. I wait for the answers and guidance from my wise self on how and when to do what is mine to do. And regardless of when the answers come, I’m committed to following the wisdom that emerges. Even if it doesn’t look like what I thought it would.

P.S. Each quarter I take a personal/business planning retreat where I engage in my favorite exercises focused on helping me determine how best to use my energy/time to support my businesses in the coming 3-6 months. I just started opening these up to friends/colleagues. If you’re a small business owner and this resonates with you, consider joining me on Sept. 16. I love these visioning retreats and always leave with clear, grounded direction.

Note: I'm out on a writing sabbatical this summer and we're surveying the Emotional and Spiritual Health of Families for my new writing project. If you have 5 minutes to tell me about your family culture, I’d love to get your input (and feel free to share with friends/lists):

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Michelle Wells Grant said...

Hands off the control panel, I always say! This is probably some of the best advice you can give because so many of us DO try to force the grand plan upon the Universe, instead of waiting and listening. I've always found that the Universe will provide a much, MUCH better plan anyway ... usually one that is surprising and perfect beyond words! Thanks for this reminder. Sending positive thoughts your way.

The Journey said...

so true Michelle ... just shared this exact thought on Live Inside Out (on FB) today ... appreciate your thoughtful comment--Renee