Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Being Seen

My sweet son just turned eight.

His class has a beautiful ritual of honoring each child on their birthday with a song circle and accolades. My husband and I attended Jonah’s birthday circle last Friday and the experience really moved me.

To see how present these kids were with each other, how much they loved this heartfelt sharing, how deeply they felt about my son, how intuitive and thoughtful their accolades were and how sincere and authentic Jonah was as he received and thanked each child--was deeply inspiring.

How often do any of us get the opportunity to hear from our closest friends and family what they love about us? What they honor within us? That they actually see us, *really* see us?

Every year I write a birthday letter to my son about his current stage—what he loves, what he’s like, what’s on his radar.

This year in my letter to Jonah, I listed the top eight qualities I honor in him. I want him to know that who he is will always be much more important to me than what he does.

1. Jonah is fun. Really fun. Wherever he goes, there is a party. He loves to be silly and his playful nature is contagious.
2. He is open-minded: he is always wiling to try new things, places, foods and experiences. He loves to travel AND he loves to eat.
3. He is very creative—I love the way he sees the world, puts things together that you normally would never pair and his artistic eye is inspiring.
4. He is an idea man: his problem solving abilities probably trump mine (and mine are darn good)—in a pickle? Put Jonah to the test and he’ll come up with a solution.
5. He has a huge heart and cares deeply about his friends, family and the world. He is very compassionate and empathetic.
6. He perseveres. When he’s interested and invested in something, he hangs in there until he figures it out or gets it done. He amazes me with his focus.
7. He has a wonderful sense of humor: he knows how to bring levity to situations.
8. He’s an awesome leader. He is not afraid to jump in and help guide a situation or group when needed. He loves to take initiative and help others.

"Jonah, Jonah you shine like a star. I love you Jonah, just as you are."

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Photo: Renee Peterson Trudeau, Jonah on the ferry.

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