Friday, March 7, 2008


Isn’t it interesting how your mood or state of mind can swing from such extremes in the course of just a week?

This week I juggled numerous work, staffing, personal and technical challenges and felt, many times, like I just wanted to get in a car and head south to Mexico, ALONE (does anyone else every feel this way?!)

Last weekend I was in a completely different mind space.

My husband, son and I had the opportunity to stay at our friend’s wonderful rustic vacation cabin near Pedernales Falls (photo above) in the Texas Hill Country.

The 24 hour Saturday/Sunday break was exactly what we all needed. We really got to slow down, enjoy time together as a family just being, connect with each other and let any bothersome thoughts or worries be washed away in the waterfalls. (My friend Gail Allen, a wonderful parenting coach, likes to ask women what are their “portals” for nourishment? Nature is definitely mine!)

I was even still feeling the affects of our nature break into Monday night --before my week got really crazy--when I joined 600,000 viewers from 139 countries for Oprah and “Power of Now” author, Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” class via live webcast ( click on WATCH NOW in the center of the page). It was pretty amazing to feel so connected to such a huge global community all interested in raising their consciousness and the consciousness of our planet. It's not too late to sign up for the free class if this speaks to you.

I think last weekend’s experience at Pedernales Falls was a great reminder to me how helpful it for each of us to *really* know what we need to nourish our spirits and refuel physically and emotionally. And, the realization that often, just 24 hours in a healing environment is all we need to move our perspective (literally and figuratively) to higher ground.

We’re preparing to head to the mountains around Hot Springs, AR to dig for crystals over spring break (we’ve never been, but were told this is a phenomenal trip). I’m looking forward to really letting my stress float away from this past week and hugging some trees high up in the mountains!

If you’re a tree lover too, check out this beautiful piece: And then, pull out your calendar and block out some time for a nature excursion of your own this spring.

P.S. If you could use some physical, emotional and spiritual renewal, I’d invite you to join me at The Crossings May 2-4 for our Spring Self-Renewal Retreat (sorry guys, it’s just for women). More at


ahufford said...

I also watched the Oprah/Tolle class and was blown away. Although I was relieved to see that I didn't have to watch it all right at 8 p.m. as bedtime routine with the kids won't allow for that right now. It was an amazing show (that I just finished watching over the a few days this past week) and I am enjoying the book a lot. The message is going to be transformational for so many people.

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