Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Area of Your Life Needs Balancing?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to lead a wonderful career plannning/exploration workshop in which I challenge professionals to look at their lives and their work in new ways ( Facilitating this workshop is one of my favorite ways to serve others through my work. It really feeds me to see these amazing men and women begin to open up to "possibility" and the idea that they really can live the life they desire.

I was pretty exhausted after the workshop ended--presenting and then responding to individual inquiries for help for four hours straight takes a lot of energy--but was grateful for this opportunity to do what I love and coach in a group environment.

It got me thinking about the Balance topic in a new way though.

Many, myself included, believe that we're here to help and support one another; that service to others can be deeply meaningful and spiritually nourishing. The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action--Mother Teresa.

But, the challenge is to find that balance between giving and receiving. (Letting other support you and being open to receiving help that comes your way.)

Balance in all areas of our life is what we all desire (not "perfection," but a healthy ebb and flow where we have enough time, energy and resources to devote to those things that matter to us most).

I work with many clients on finding that balance between work/family and life/family, but what about finding the balance between being and doing, listening and talking, moving and stillness, being "out there" and "going inward," helping your kids and letting them figure things out for themselves, initiating conversation with your spouse and letting things just be, using your masculine vs. your feminine strengths, and on and on?

I'm facinated by this dialogue. What area of your life most needs "balancing"? Clearly a theme in my life is finding balance between giving and receiving. I have a feeling this is the year I'm going to really shift around this area. I can't wait.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this theme. What does it bring up for you and what area of your life most needs balancing?

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DotConnector said...

Great post! You know I think one of the most important aspects of finding balance is the realization that with "balance" there isn't necessarily a middle. I think we look for this center point (literally "look" for the moment)between chaos and calm.

Life is more like a see saw and the goal is to keep from flying off the top as we rise or bouncing off as we hit the ground.

Balance for me is a nice flow between the ups and downs; where I can breathe and enjoy the rhythm, even if I'm in a low period. When I spend most my time there, floating up and down, I don't seem to crash when things get challenging.

I appreciate your previous posts as well. Very thoughtful.