Saturday, February 9, 2008


Have you ever been stuck in a way of seeing things or doing things and you know it isn’t working for you, but you can’t see how to find your way out of this pattern? (Uggh, that can feel uncomfortable!!)

And then, you recommit to your own growth/spiritual work and one day, you have the incredibly joyful (and elated) realization that you’ve SHIFTED and no longer feel compelled to do/see or experience things as you had before?

And, if you’re like me, when you’re in that place where the veil has just been lifted, you might plead “please don’t let me revert back to my old stuck patterns .... I’ve seen there is a new/easier/effortless way and I want to be forever changed!” But, because we’re human, we do revert to old thinking at times—only, we don’t stay as stuck or for as long.

I guess this is what we call spiritual evolution.

When I’ve found myself locked into one of my old, unproductive patterns (for example, buying into the notion that I “must” get certain things at work accomplished before I leave for the day, “or else....” ....or else, what?! .... like there won’t always be more work waiting, not too mention that the amount of work I’m trying to accomplish in a given week is usually impossible given my resources)-- and I can’t “see” anyway to shift, I pray.

Prayer for me is simply connecting with God (whether you call that source Spirit, your Higher Power, the Universe, your intuition or your inner voice).

I surrender my situation and my thinking and I simply and quietly state my desire for a permanent shift in how I see things. “I desire to see and live in a way that serves my highest good.”

Sometimes this shift happens right away. Sometimes it takes weeks, or a month or two. But it always comes.

Thank God.

How many times do we try to “think” our way to feeling better and how often does it work? For me the answer is “never.”

I’d love to hear how your experience or create “shifts” in your life, whether that’s through prayer, meditation, moving your body, painting/drawing, playing music or something else .....

Image: This painting is from Mara Friedman, an amazing artist in the Pacific Northwest who creates images of the Divine Feminine. This particular painting is called Awakening Maiden and "represents a woman blossoming and growing in wisdom and understanding." You can check out and purchase Mara's work at

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Bernadette said...

Hi Renee,
I love the acknowledgment of the constant shifts that need take place in order that we can be in a state of continuous learning and living. It's my work these days - to keep up with the need to shift it into a place that feels healthy and whole.