Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Release

Happy New Year!

Being a coach and someone who is always exploring the realm of "human potential," I love the New Year. It's a great time to release what didn't serve you or blocked you in the previous year (some of my friends even like to write down these qualities or issues on paper and burn them as I way of signifying their moving on) and start with a clean slate.

So today as advance copies of my new book "The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal" (www.reneetrudeau.com) are released, I'd also like to personally release: the need to know (why, how), the need to feel "in control" and the need to have a plan (that's the joke around my house, my four-year old will say "so mom, what's the plan for the day?") What is that quote ... "Life is not a business to be managed, but a mystery to be lived?" Sometimes, I forget this.

In 2003 when I started the group for moms called the Personal Renewal Group (a free community service program) out of my own personal need to have deeper conversations about topics related to motherhood, self-renewal and reconnecting with "who I am," little did I know that four years later, it would turn into my life's work --for the next several years at least! So as I celebrate the release of the Guide and the release of things that didn't serve me in 2006, I also embrace the ability to ask for help, to travel easily in the "unknown" and to work in partnership with others.

What will you release AND embrace this year?

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