Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gifts from 2011

As we move into 2012, I find myself feeling more quiet and at ease than I have in many years past. While there are many wonderful things coming to fruition around my work, more than anything, I'm just content with being with what is. And whatever may come.

As I close out 2011, what kept circling back for me was the many gifts I received over the past twelve months. Gifts of joy, learning, hardship, friendship, difficulty, perspective, compassion and the invitation to step into a New Way of Being.

I have a tendency to often move too quickly and not fully take in the moment.

So before I fully embrace 2012 and whatever it may bring, I pause to gratefully acknowledge just a few of the gifts I received from 2011 which were catalysts for my growth:
  • many beautiful meditation sessions with my Moon Sisters Meditation Circle
  • mentoring and support from many dear authors and colleagues including Jen Louden, Laura Berman Fortgang, Linda Bloom, Denise Barack and many others
  • sweet gatherings with my Freedom Mastermind group and the work of Don Miguel Ruiz that guided many of our conversations
  • my son's incredible, sweet friends, his soccer tribe and patient piano teacher
  • the hundreds of divine yoga classes I enjoyed through my yoga home--Yoga Yoga--and my beautiful new friend that I met through this community
  • the always nourishing Town Lake hike and bike trail AND the healing Texas hill country that is just steps away from our back door
  • the amazing students in the New Way of Being program and how they supported my ability to step into more freedom at work!
  • a new book deal with mind/body/spirit icon and publisher New World Library, my wonderful editor and my talented new book agent
  • the amazing staff, students and communities at Esalen and Kripalu that make it possible for me to share teachings around the power of self-care
  • all the brilliant graphic design/web support I received from the fabulous Amy Hufford/Stellar Planet and the divine Bella Guzman/High Wire Creative
  • the Austin Women's Conference and all the wonderful women/men who made it possible for me to speak/participate in this inaugural event (hope it continues!)
  • the changes at Primavera Montessori School (and brilliant, adaptable teachers) which brought us many gifts and opportunities for learning and ah-has
  • the wake up call around our family's diet and what best supports each of in coming into greater harmony with our bodies (becoming GF was one!)
  • my dear friend's generosity and her desire and commitment to our friendship's growth and evolution
  • the opportunity to refinance our house at a historically low rate and to explore where we want to be in our fifties and beyond
  • my summer writing sabbatical --the space, the time, the insights, the discipline it required
  • my husband's unconditional support for my work--and his always interesting, helpful perspective
  • the various tribes and communities that support my husband and son including the Austin Samba School and our church community
  • my husband's great job (3 miles from our home)and the great team he works with--things which have allowed us to have more flow and space in our days
  • Deb Kern's gorgeous spirit/heart and Daring Divas, Claudia Welch's approach to hormonal balance, Carolyn Scarborough's writing coaching, Dianna Amorde's move to S. Austin, Terri Moser's parenting support, Saudra Goldman's writing retreat --wonderful women and friends that support my heart's work
  • Lost Pines Hyatt Resort and the Crossings for helping me teach and serve others so graciously
  • our dear friends who accompanied us to Big Bend last spring--the place where I received inspiration for my new book
  • the thousands of women worldwide who participate in and lead Personal Renewal Groups--for reminding me again and again of what really matters
  • my five siblings who always challenge me to question and re-examine how I see the world
  • my wondrous son who is my greatest teacher--whether he's sweet, sassy or surly--he's always happy to hold up a mirror to support my personal and spiritual growth!
  • my beautiful aging body--which teaches me so much about self-love, self-compassion, the journey called life and my boundless soul
These gifts all asked me to stretch, fully show up AND many required a shift on my part. They gave me opportunities to live from the inside-out. And to let go of that which no longer served me. And so with gratitude I let the dead limbs from the past year fall away as I direct my energy to the new growth that now needs my care and attention.

May I attend to what's before me with grace and power.

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