Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do It Different

Over the past two weekends I saw some amazing art at E.A.S.T. (I feel so lucky to live in Austin--a progressive oasis in the center of Texas; our tourism plug for years was "Austin, what the rest of the country had in mind!") 

Having the opportunity to visit these artists' avant-garde work and home spaces and be reminded that there is no "right way" to live or work was powerful. And, drinking in this visual feast of multimedia, oil paintings, woodwork and sculpture, pottery and glassblowing inspired me to re-visit one of my favorite slogans: "Do it different." 

Do it different: meaning shaking life up, looking at it sideways, turning things upside down, changing how you do and see things, challenging how you've set up your life and trying on a new perspectives or way of being. 

Whether it's small (driving a new route to or from work or school) or big (starting to walk or meditate each morning before work or eating different foods)--"doing it different" makes me feel more vibrant, grateful to be alive and appreciative that I get to create the day (and life) I desire. 

There's a lot of research around how much our brains benefit when we "do it different." We actual create new neural pathways when we mix it up (ever wonder why your 65-year old friend who is always signing up for new cooking classes and loves to learn the latest dance moves is sharp as a tack?!). 

Much of our daily routine is rote. We've fallen into habitual, unconscious ways of doing, being and seeing (from what we eat for breakfast and how we start our day to how we approach work or parenting and relate to our partners and family members). 

During our New Way of Being course, 70 women and men from around the world explored what a "New Way of Being" would look and feel like. For five weeks we asked ourselves, "If we dropped our old ways of thinking and seeing and released habitual ways of being, what would it be like to step into a higher, more evolved version of who we are?" 

It was quite a powerful experience--even just asking the question proved to be a catalyst for many. (Note: It's not too late to participate; you can download the classes and listen anytime from anywhere.) 

As I prepare to return to my manuscript and begin work on my new book next month, I'm curious how the New Way of Being journey will affect this new project. I'll keep you posted on what unfolds.

P.S. Every year, I really enjoy "doing it different" around how we celebrate the holidays. Interested in joining me? Read more.

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Painting/photo: Darvin Jones. One of the many amazing artists exhibiting at E.A.S.T.

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