Sunday, October 9, 2011

Living from the Inside-Out

October overwhelm. It’s an old familiar friend. With my natural proclivity to “always think big” (I am a dyed in the wool entrepreneur!), underestimate how much time is needed for tasks and my tendency to take on too much at one time--I can easily find myself juggling more than one should: this week it's a new book deal, two upcoming keynotes, a retreat, a new program launch and several other yummy new endeavors.

However, something is different this time around. Even though there are moments when I feel like I’m swimming in pea soup and my chest and upper back are yelling “Hey Renee, slow down!” there’s more space around how I’m seeing and experiencing what’s before me.

There is a deeper pull to approach this month from the inside-out. A calling to operate from a higher altitude, a new level of maturity or discernment. To come from a New Way of Being (my name for the “wise zone”—a place of space and freedom where I function at my highest/best and can clearly see what matters most).

Yes there’s a lot going on right now, but at the same time my desire to feel good—to feel a sense of well-being, ease and that everything is ok no matter what—is bigger and stronger than my need to control, achieve or do it my way.

And so I call forth self-compassion during this particularly robust time and I practice Living from the Inside Out by:
•releasing the notion that my worthiness is tied to my productivity or ability to create results! (read more)
•practicing “good is good enough” (read more) around music/details for my retreat, how I promote my new programs and how clean my home is (or isn’t!)
•delegating more, asking for/receiving help and being willing for things to be done differently than how I would handle them
•trusting that I don’t have to figure things out all by myself and can relax into the support (seen and unseen) that is always with and around me
•not caring what others think AND being willing to frustrate or anger people when I don’t respond in a way that they want me to (read more)

Stepping back, I realize as I prepare for my new book, upcoming Kripalu retreat, New Way of Being telecouse and the Austin Women’s Conference, that I have created the perfect stew to practice and embody what I most desire to learn (and live): the belief that I can step into a New Way of Being and still be successful . That this space has actually been there all along, waiting for me. And I don’t have to be or do or prove anything to experience this. I deserve to live this way. We all do. It's our birthright.

An Invitation: What better way to embody a New Way of Being than to teach it? Read 7 Ways to Embrace a New Way of Being and join me and like-minded men/women for my 4-week New Way of Being Telecourse for all of us who are done with overwork and overwhelm. I’m so excited about this revolutionary new approach to balanced living and can’t wait to support you in creating the life you desire from the inside-out!

P.S. Have you heard about the I CHOOSE LOVE public service campaign? It's a reminder to ourselves and our brothers and sisters that when we come from love--one of the most powerful yet underutilized forces on the planet--we have the ability to transcend fear and remember what we're really hear to do: give and receive love. Learn more about how you can embrace this message in your daily life through being more mindful, sharing stories, ordering a tshirt (at cost) and more.

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Photo: Music in the Moment, a painting by Nancy Ortenstone . I saw this painting while we were vacationing this summer in Taos at Nancy's studio and bought a print. This image captures for me the feeling behind a New Way of Being. It is the first thing I see when I wake up each morning.

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