Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Choosing Love Over Fear

There are only ever two choices: love or fear. Which path will you take?

My writing sabbatical this past July/August was incredible. Incredibly intense that is. I told a friend the other day it was like 30 years of therapy in two months. I went far and deep and visited places I've never been before!

At the end the summer, I spent a divine day and night alone at a beautiful cabin, located on 20 acres about 20 minutes from downtown Austin (the cabin was specially created for personal retreats).

The message I kept hearing on my solo date (on the heels of a conversation with my publisher about how fearful many Americans are right now due to the election, economy, and natural disasters) was the reminder that we always have a choice in how we interact with one another and see the world.

We can come from fear (where we constrict, contract, shut down and cut ourselves off from others) or we can come from love (where we expand, open, connect and trust). Our daily interactions are a reflection of where we choose to hang out and live: the house of fear or the house of love.

So this fall we're introducing an I CHOOSE LOVE public service campaign as a reminder to ourselves and our brothers and sisters that when we come from love--one of the most powerful yet underutilized forces on the planet--we have the ability to transcend fear and remember what we're really hear to do: give and receive love.

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ChiefExecOrganizer said...

I love it, Renee! That is a beautiful and necessary message. Great logo!!

Manda Frances said...


here is my recent post about choosing love and forgetting fear! i think you'll agree with my take :)