Thursday, September 1, 2011


I heard a movement teacher say the other day that every time we take a deep breath, our physiology and emotional makeup is completely altered. So in other words, remembering to breathe, can be life changing!

I returned back to the office this week after being out for most of the summer on a writing sabbatical/traveling (it was very fruitful and insightful; more to come on my ah-has and my New Way of Being telecourse program that was birthed from my summer away unplugged to work on my new book).

My intention for the fall is FREEDOM (read more) and as I eased into my work space on Monday and sat down to my new white computer (yay—it makes me feel oh-so-free!) a glass of sparkling water and some good Mozart, I kept the deep inhales and exhales coming at a steady pace.

And, although things got a bit wobbly at times, I surfed the wave successfully (the phrase we like to use in our office that means maintaining a big picture view, focusing only on what is most critical and walking away from things that are not true priorities).

I’ll never forget in 1996, returning to my corporate cubicle and international PR job after a two-week trip to Europe and Dachau (read more). Even though I was returning to a very stressful job, for days I experienced this healthy detachment to my everyday tasks balanced with a deeper sense for what was truly meaningful. What mattered most.

I’ve got that same feeling in my bones now. And yes—thousands more emails, requests, calls and contracts await—but maybe I’ll only respond to half of them … or less. Who knows?

My desire for more space and freedom at work is overriding everything else right now. So, just breathing and trusting that I’ll be guided to where my energy is most needed in the coming months.

Am keeping my favorite quote by Goethe, “Things which matter least should be never be at the mercy of things which matter most,” close by.

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Laurie Wallin said...

Such an important idea - if we don't breathe we can't function. Most days if we check in with out bodies we'll see we're not breathing the way we need. It's why I named my phone "breathe" :)