Wednesday, June 29, 2011


(I'm out on a writing sabbatical through the summer working on a new project. During this time I'm only posting sporadically, when I'm moved to do so.)

Here we are. Again. Together. Sharing lentil soup. Legs tangled, snuggling under the warm blankets. Negotiating piano practice and chores. Telling stories from our day. Moving from asleep to awake and awake to asleep. Navigating being human.

When I stop, I see your curious eyes and your beautiful spirit. You remind me of who I want to be in the world … who I really am.

We have the gift of now. It’s a large, beautiful moment. It can expand into the skies and go on forever.

We don’t need to go to the mountains or the beach, plan an adventure, schedule an exciting evening out, wait for a birthday or create a moment to experience one another. This is it.

Screw calendars, to do lists, dirty dishes, overgrown grass and dark, busy inboxes.

We surrender to the moment, hold hands, jump in and swim through the cool, deep waters together …feeling our oneness and the unexplainable mystery of how and why we’re together. Without words, we honor the sacredness of this union.

This connection feels ancient … new … difficult … and easy. The hardest thing in the world and the most delicious. Above all, it’s unique and it’s ours.

When we stop everything. Every. Single. Thing. We find delicious comfort and respite in our three beautiful, interconnected hearts.

We feel the fleeting sweetness of being in each other’s presence. We relax, we remember. We breathe out the entire world.

And we know, this, this, is all we need. This is all there is.

P.S. I’m Surveying the Emotional and Spiritual Health of Families for my new writing project. If you have 5 minutes to tell me about your family culture, I’d love to get your input (and feel free to share with friends/lists):

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Photo: Barton Springs. June 28, 2011. 4:30 p.m.

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