Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh Yeah...That's the Life I Desire!

Today I felt restless and unsettled. I found myself fixating on things I don’t normally worry about. Throughout the day, I felt like I was being pulled away from my center … from that which matters most.

I realize this is part of being human (even though it's said we’re spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around) and today my humanity was ever-present.

So, I pulled out this passage--which I intentionally included in the introduction of both my first and second books--to help me remember what the life I desire looks, feels and sounds like.

The life I desire is marked by a deep connection to my child and to my partner. It’s a life filled with joy and meaning. It’s a life in which I feel supported and nurtured by an incredible community of men and women—young and old. I experience regular, meaningful, heartfelt connections with people I care about. I am continually open to growth—as a woman, a mother, a partner and a spiritual being. I enjoy supporting and serving others in a way that feeds me rather than drains me. I feel that I always have enough time in my life for those things that are most important to me. My life flows, I trust my intuition and I expect good to come to me. I feel peaceful. I am loving and I feel loved. This is the life I desire.

It was only after I embarked on my self-care journey and truly began to connect to my needs and desires, that I was finally able to articulate this.

Oh (breath out)... yeah, that’s right! I needed that reminder.

May tomorrow be filled with clarity, a bit more light and perhaps even a small dose of Divinity.

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