Monday, December 13, 2010

Letter to Luca

From the time I was a little, I always felt babies were special (being the oldest of seven children, I got lots of practice welcoming newborns into the world). I always believed they were much more than blobs growing into themselves (check out What Babies Want or teachings from my friend/author and prenatal/perinatal expert Carrie Contey).

They seem to hold so much wisdom—maybe it’s because they’re fresh from God. And even though it was annoying to hear from my mother time and time again (especially when I was a hormonal, frustrated 13-year old)—I do believe we choose our families … our pods.

So, it’s especially touching to me to welcome my baby sister’s child to our tribe. And, his arrival has brought up a lot of emotions, insights and revelations for me. Riding this wave, these are the things I most want to share with my one-week old nephew as he adjusts to life on planet Earth:

Dear Luca:

• Be gentle with yourself, this is a big transition. It’s kind of like moving from Mars to Venus—it will take a while to unpack your bags and adjust to this crazy world (things are a bit wacky out there right now!)
• Always ask for help—you’re surrounded by people who are here to support you. We’re meant to be inter-dependent; you don’t have to go it alone!
• I’m so excited to learn what you’re here to teach us—we look forward to benefiting from all your wisdom and the lessons you’ll be calling forth.
• Thank you for reminding me about how I truly *desire* to be with my son Jonah and for giving me the opportunity to re-examine how I communicate with and raise my son.
• We can’t wait to see and experience all the gifts you’ll be bringing forth into the world and we look forward to supporting you in sharing your talents.
• Keep your sense of humor—we’re all doing the best we can and we all mess up a lot.
• Keep cultivating compassion—towards yourself, your family and all those you come in contact with. The world needs more of this.
• Great news!! You landed with a really fun, interesting, creative group of people. We’re a little zany, but we’re all excited to share our worlds with you!
• Thank you for reminding all of us about the power of being present—and all the gifts that come from being “right here, right now.”
• Know your cousin Jonah is over-the-moon excited that you’ve arrived and he loves you so much (yesterday he wrote a list of all the things he wants to teach you when you get older).
• And deep gratitude for reminding us that “Life is not a thing to be managed, it’s a mystery to be lived”; your arrival into our family is one of the best examples of this.

You picked the best mama and dad ever—they are soooo excited you’re here (they’re fighting over who gets to hold you). They love you like the breadth and depth of the sea.

Know that I am holding the highest/best for your journey here on earth and look forward to always being here for you. The song I would sing to you tonight is the Gayatri Mantra--the "mother of all mantras"--which is very famous, calming and harmonizing. It is said to unify body, mind and spirit when you chant it; Deva Premal says her mother sang this to her while she was in utero and as an infant.

Much love and deep appreciation---Auntie Renee

Photo: My son and his new cousin Luca at one day-old. Luca which means “bringer of light,” is a derivative of my sister’s middle name “Lucia” (light).

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