Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Me on the Mountain Top!

Early last week, after our son went to school, my husband and I took an early morning walk together.

This doesn’t happen often. Like most families, the mornings are usually very full. But we feel certain my husband will be working again soon and these rare opportunities to do out-of-the-ordinary stuff will be gone, so we grab them when we can!

We caught up on day-to-day activities, but had an ah-ha that when it came to the BIG life stuff, we weren’t really synched up.

Sure, we try to schedule time for date nights, meditate together most mornings and visit in the evenings after dinner, but here we were at major life junctures-- he is exploring/interviewing for new job opportunities and I’m in thd midst of creating new ideas/projects around everyday spirituality—and we weren’t harnessing or leveraging our collective power, intention and strengths.

It’s as if we have both been hiking in the woods—intersecting at rest stops—but neither of us had met the other on the mountain top in quite some time.

So, we cancelled all of our meetings and plans for last Wednesday and scheduled a visioning retreat together from 9-2 to specifically to focus on our careers, how/where we share our talents with the world and our highest vision for what we’re manifesting in our lives right now.

We meditated and prayed together, shared and read some inspirational readings, listed and voiced our talents to one another, created beautiful vision boards, enjoyed some yoga/stretching, had a luxurious lunch and finished with a walk and visit to my parent’s memorial bench on Town Lake where we did a gratitude sharing.

The vision boards were wonderful because when we were done, we each took turns sharing what images we had chosen and why—this was a great way to get a snapshot of where the other person’s thoughts and heart are focused right now. And, it allowed us to really synch up and align on a much higher level.

We both agreed it was the best use of five hours in a long time (interestingly, my husband received five calls from recruiters between 2-4 p.m. that day!).

I once heard a success coach say that professionally, people see their friends/family ten years out from where they actually are. I agree. We do typically hold the highest/best for those closest to us and can often see who they are becoming before they can.

But often we don’t slow down enough to share this vision or allow them to do the same for us. Maybe we should. Around our house, we always love the reminder: "Be careful--don't believe everything you think!" Seems a change in perspective and a few more visits to the mountain top could do us all a world of good.

P.S. If you read my blog regularly you know I’m a huge fan of retreats (many of my biggest shifts have happened on personal and group/guided retreats). I’ll be holding a one-day self-renewal retreat on Nov. 5th for women, but I ran across this great link this morning listing many fantastic spiritual retreats centers in the U.S. Enjoy—it’s a keeper.

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Photo: Renee Trudeau--the view from a mountain top on the Olympic Peninsula, WA.

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