Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whirling Dervish

This morning I could feel that familiar fall sensation rushing through my body of “too much to do.”

Supporting my husband through his job search, helping my son with school activities and easing into 3rd grade, carving out time to connect to family members/friends, training/transitioning new and old staff members, launching new programs/events, supporting clients and our team, navigating technical challenges at work, crawling out of email overwhelm, meeting my physical/emotional needs and ... well, you know the story!

I had a bit of rare, quiet time to myself earlier today and as I came out of my morning meditation, I could not shake the image of the whirling dervishes (great video!) I had seen in Turkey years ago.

The whirling dervishes practice a form of moving meditation connected to the 13th century Sufi mystic and poet Rumi.

They go into a trance-like state where they experience a deep connection to the Divine while spinning feverishly in a rhythmic motion (and they never appear dizzy or lost).

When they dance, the right hand opens to the skies in prayer. The left hand, upon which their gaze rests, is turned towards the earth--their home, the place where they serve.

To me, the twirling dancers seem to inspire or ask, “How can you stay connected to your source/God—what really matters—and still be active, productive and engaged in the world?”

It reminded me that my doorway to experiencing this kind of balance is practicing self-care.

When I attune and respond to my deepest needs and desires—taking time for dance or movement, building in a daily 20 minute meditation, wisely choosing who I spend time with, ensuring I create space for time alone/with my partner/with my family, saying “no” to “shoulds,” taking time to let nature heal me--- my connection to that inner wisdom is stronger, more intact.

And, I’m able to move through my day and week—at whatever speed I choose—without losing my balance.

At least not as often. And, I’ll take that any day.

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Photo: by Reza--a dancer at The Dervish school of Mowlana.


Sarah said...

I love your honest and authentic posts about balance. What a great message you share. I love that you are honest about your struggle with this, despite being "an expert." :)

Lorie said...

It was divine reading your post today, because, of course, it was exactly what I needed to remember. Now I gotta go put on some dancing shoes...!