Sunday, December 13, 2009

Your Stillpoint

Last week, over the course of several days, we received a handful of emails and phone calls from entrepreneur clients and colleagues sharing the news that their start-up businesses were not where they needed to be financially at year-end and they would be seeking employment in 2010 to supplement their income until their small businesses grew legs.

While none of them were overjoyed about this decision, most had come to this place not from fear, but from the realization that this was what was necessary right now. They were accepting—rather than fighting—“what is,” (Byron Katie believes that the root of all suffering is caused by arguing with reality): too many expenses, not enough income.

As all my entrepreneur clients know, I’m also a big believer in focusing on what is possible—thinking big, expansively and opening yourself up to success and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

Sounds like two opposite ends of the spectrum, huh?

For over a week now, I’ve been playing with the concept of living in polarity.

Can you hold a big space for expansiveness/possibility/unbelievable abundance for your life, career or business AND be with “what is”—which for some may currently include incredible financial stress, mounting bills, navigating the unknown and dancing with your shadow?

Is it possible to really be with both of these experiences at the same time? Where is the “still point” for you—that quiet space in between the two extremes? And how do you get there?

Many believe the ability to hold both—to hang out in the stillpoint—is the key to accessing the wisdom and solutions we desire. You’ve heard the Einstein quote “problems are not solved on the level at which they are created?”

I’m going to keep playing with the concept of polarity this month and exploring this in all areas of my life-- relationships, money, parenting, health, my businesses—in all the places where dual realities exist.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find the stillpoint and access answers that just might blow my mind. Willing to play along with me?

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