Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Going Inward (or Outward)?

I feel like the "push me pull you" animal from Dr. Doolittle's world today.

I have a deep desire to be introspective, reflective and go inward today as I review 2009, think about what I learned over the past year and begin to open up to 2010 and what's next.

But I also keep getting work emails, calls and requests for help that are tapping me on the shoulder for a response (I'm technically on vacation until Jan. 6th, but being self-employed requires me to flex work/play a lot).

Can you relate (even if you're at work today)?

I alwasy have to remind myself that winter and the period up until my Jan. 7th birthday has always personally been a ripe period for new insights. And these come only when I unplug, stop working and allow myself to really revel in reflecting, dreaming, creative play and pondering whatever has been stewing in my subconscious for the past 12 months.

I just re-read my blog post on Rythms from this time last year, where I share how difficult it can be to create space to go inward in January, when society is telling us to GEAR UP FOR THE NEW YEAR!!!!!

What are your rhythms telling you you need right now? If you were an animal today, what would you be? I'm going to put the "push me pull you" out to pasture and go work on my vision map for 2010 and then take a nap. Maybe you should do the same?

AN INVITATION: Interested in learning how to connect with your rhythms and tap into the power of self-care? Learn how you can join or become trained to lead a self-renewal circle for women. And, view all upcoming events here.

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