Monday, November 16, 2009

Honoring Your Rhythms

This was an incredibly full weekend (I helped promote and led a workshop for a wonderful girls empowerment conference, supported artist friends at a community event, attended our annual school fund raiser and had the honor of hosting a 50th birthday Blessingway for a good friend).

I am pooped.

I feel like crawling back into bed with a big steaming mug of hot team, curling up with a good book and staying in sweats all day. Maybe I will. At the least, I’m certainly not going to have a typical Monday—usually my busiest work day.

I’ve learned over the years how important it is for me to listen to my body and spirit’s internal rhythms. Many days I have boundless energy and can get eight hours worth of work done in two. Other days, I feel like I'm moving through molasses and have to attune to what is essential, what must be done and then let everything else wait while I shift down into first gear.

I trust my body's rhythms and cycles. I’ve learned that pushing always backfires. Listening to and working in harmony with my body and spirit always proves fruitful.

It’s taken me a long time to allow myself to respond to my needs. But now that I do, there is no other way to live.

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Photo: Renee Peterson Trudeau. An apricot tree in the Davis Mountains (TX).


Anastasiya said...

Thank you for this post Renee. I also feel how important our natural rhythms are. You can enjoy a balanced life only if you learn to listen to your body and to your inner voice.

renee trudeau said...

You are so right Anastasiya, but it takes a lot of courage in our culture to do this where we're taught to live "outside-in," doesn't it? Thank you for acknowledging the importance of our inner wisdom.

Anonymous said...

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