Monday, September 14, 2009

Loving Kindness

Every Monday morning, I send out a quick work/life effectiveness tip to our seven-person team. Most of us work virtually and we’re spread out across three states. So, I do many things to keep us all feeling connected.

These amazing women support our clients, Personal Renewal Group Facilitators, career/life balance programs and all Career Strategists and Renee Trudeau & Associates initiatives. They work daily with women and families around the world.

I had planned to share a powerful letter on my blog today that I wrote to my 35-year old self last night, but decided instead to share the message I sent to my team this morning and save the letter for next week. Here it is. I hope it might invite you to pause before you begin your day.

Dear RTA Team:

I woke up this a.m. with a funky stomach and slight headache (I think some roasted turkey that had been sitting out too long at a party was to blame) and began feeling some overwhelm creeping in as I looked at my list of goals for today.

I have a full week—prepping for our Reconnecting with Who You Are class via telephone on Thursday evening, several writing deadlines and projects due tomorrow, lots of conference calls/ meetings and several new entrepreneur clients to support this week.

But instead of succumbing to the feeling that I was behind and needed to push harder, I remembered the wonderful gifts that come from loving kindness--to self. So, I am moving slow this morning, drinking some wonderful Detox Yogi tea, tweaking my schedule a bit and trusting in the knowledge that when I am kind to my body/spirit, the Universe supports me. And, I get MORE done (rather than less!).

Try it (or at least, experiment with this idea). More on this theme from my newsletter Are You Kind to Yourself?

Take it easy and before you begin your day, check in with your body, mind and spirit. What do you need to feel nourished on the inside as well as the outside today?

Take good care. I look forward to exploring this theme more deeply with you at our upcoming October self-renewal retreat--Renee

AN INVITATION: Interested in learning how you can experience more loving kindness towards yourself and tap into the power of self-care? Consider starting/joining one of our women's self-renewal circles, signing up for our FREE September 17th Global PRG Sampler Teleclass on Reconnecting with Who You Are or attending our life-changing October 2-4 Fall Women’s Self-Renewal Retreat at The Crossings (early bird rate ends September 16th).

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Painting: Mara Friedman

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