Monday, August 17, 2009

Balance from the Inside-Out

September has always been like the start of the New Year for me.

I have launched businesses, started new jobs, rolled out new business models, embarked on back-to-back speaking sprints and unveiled new creative endeavors around this time of year for as long as I can remember. (I have heard that the Native American New Year begins around this time—maybe my Cherokee roots are guiding me here.)

A few weeks ago during a one-day retreat, I did a visioning exercise focused on the next four months and how/where to direct my energy. During this time, I got a very clear message that this fall would be unlike any other. And, that some really exciting things would be unfolding for me in 2010, which would require a lot of inner and outer preparation during the last half of 2009.

I have learned the hard way that when I don’t listen to my intuition and ignore my body and soul’s natural rhythms (read more about this topic), everything becomes a struggle. And rather than ski effortlessly down the slopes of life, I feel like I’m trudging through mud up to my waist (sounds familiar, huh?).

As I write these words, I sense how far I’ve come to get to this place (it’s not easy to slow down when you have a hefty overhead, bills to pay, requests pounding at your door and “overachiever” tendencies). And, I acknowledge how much I’ve had to release and let go to get to this place of surrender. (And, that this journey is never-ending!)

But, balance, equilibrium, ease—whatever you call it—is of paramount importance to me. (Click here for some tips on how you can bring more peace into your day to day experience.)

And, I know that when the time comes to step on the gas, I’ll be ready, rested and clear-headed to respond to whatever gifts and adventures I am presented with next.

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Photo: Renee Peterson Trudeau, Rio Grande Gorge in northern New Mexico. Breathtaking.

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