Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let Go

The person closest to me in the world had their performance review last week.

He mentioned about two weeks ago that he wanted some coaching to prepare for this (this is something I get paid big bucks to do for others on a regular basis and am very skilled at—I was happy to be asked to provide my expertise and to impact our family’s income).

Then, while brushing our teeth one night last week, he casually mentioned that he had gotten the date wrong and the deadline for submitting information for his review, had come and gone.

My brushing stopped, my jaw dropped and I stood in disbelief (this has actually happened many times before .... I’ll let you run with your theory around this one). Right away, I could feel an army of thoughts lining up in my mind, preparing for rapid fire.

A few days later I was wrapping up an intense week and lots of work deadlines in order to be able to head to the beach for the weekend with my family Saturday morning. I experienced a series of stressful events that afternoon—a schedule glitch, a miscommunication, a technical malfunction, a lost check, a plan that fell to pieces—that left me feeling like everything was going from bad to worse.

It felt like I was sitting on a pile of tumbled dominoes and my swirling negative thoughts were preparing to move from a small tornado into a powerful full-scale downward spiral.

But after I heard the news from my beloved about his performance review and my harried work day turned south (and I stewed for a few minutes)—something surprising happened.

I paused.

Feeling how familiar this terrain was in both instances, I asked myself, “Is this REALLY where you want to go with this?” No. What I really wanted was to just let it go. And that's what I did.

I think it’s so easy to forget we always have the ability to just LET GO. I don’t always do it and sometimes the allure of a good argument is more than I can resist. But, more and more, I’m pausing to check in and ask if this is really the train I want to get on right now? Or do I want to wave it on, and let it keep going.

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Photo: Renee Peterson Trudeau, Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Peninsula, WA.

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Ed McDonough said...

"Your ability to instantly let go of negative feelings gives you the power to create the future you want!"

Nicely done!