Saturday, May 9, 2009

I’ll Be Happy When ....?

I am in the middle of a big international launch right now to share the self-care themes from my book with the world.

The year-long celebration, which kicks off this Mother’s Day weekend, was inspired by a “visit” from my dad, who passed suddenly and unexpectedly in 1996. Read more here.

I believe passionately that the Personal Renewal Group (PRG) Program --self-renewal circles for women meeting around The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal-- have the potential to shift our culture in dramatic and positive ways.

This is why I chose to give this gift and invest so much time and so many resources around this Live Inside Out launch and book giveaway. (I also have an amazing team of volunteers helping, too!)

Yesterday, as people from around the globe began to download the book I started to feel nervous.

I SO want those who read this book—which truthfully, came “through me”-- to be touched, moved, to want to explore this concept of the power of self-care/reconnecting with self and how it can change their lives. (And, if they feel moved, to start/join PRGS.)

And I noticed I was feeling that old alluring “I’ll be happy when ...(fill in the blank)” feeling creeping in.

If I can help others in such a lasting and profound way, surely this experience will bring me inner peace and happiness ....right?

As I moved through my day on Friday—mediating in the morning, volunteering at my son’s end of year Field Day, returning calls and emails, helping a new client who is struggling with their career path, picking up a taco at the local Mexican café, connecting with staff, working and then going to a Hatha flow yoga class, I kept reflecting on this ‘I’ll be happy when ....” thought.

What bring me lasting happiness, I already have: the opportunity to give/receive love, connection with family and close friends, being in nature, the opportunity to serve others and moment to moment--the ability to feel peaceful no matter what is going on around me.

Nothing, no matter how juicy or enticing it looks, can bring me lasting happiness.
I already have everything I need ..... right now. And it comes from the inside-out.

P.S. Lear more about how you can join the LIVE INSIDE OUT revolution by checking out the LIO page or becoming a fan on the Live Inside Out Facebook page. Check out the really cool LIO t-shirts, too. I’m wearing mine and everyone that sees it loves it!

SIGN UP TODAY---ONLY 48 HOUR LEFT! Over Mother’s Day Weekend May 8th-10th, go to to get your free download of this award-winning book—a $20 value. And make sure and share it with your friends. For women of all ages, the book has received rave reviews.

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Photo: My son showing off his prizes from a raspberry farm on the Olympic Peninsula in WA last August. These beauties ended up in cornmeal pancakes with honey butter two hours later!

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