Sunday, January 18, 2009


Have you ever faced a conundrum that you knew could not be solved by “thinking it through?”

I have shared in several recent blog posts my intention to create more simplicity in my life in 2009 and how challenging it has been over the last year to run two national businesses (one that is in start-up mode!), while maintaining a sense of equilibrium, and honoring my top priorities, including spending quality time with my son every afternoon.(In fairness to myself, the second was never intended to be a business, it was born organically from a need and desire to help others.)

I’m in a wonderful master mind group with 4 other coaches. Our approach is a little different than many similar support groups for entrepreneurs. We all like to view business challenges with the mindset that “there is a spiritual solution to every problem.”

I think it was Einstein that said “problems are not solved on the level at which they are created.” This has always resonated with me.

So in that vein, I release my “challenge” (which may not be a challenge at all, depending on how I look at it, right?!), trust and remain open to a fresh perspective. I’ve learned from riding the entrepreneur roller coaster over the last almost ten years that miracles often arrive in strange wrapping.

I’m looking forward to a shift in thinking (I call this a miracle) and am grateful for my clarity around knowing what matters most to me.

I think it was author Wayne Dyer that said, “Change your thinking and you change your world.” Amen Wayne, I'l take some of that! (photo: Sun setting in the Olympic National Forest Renee Peterson Trudeau)

P.S. One great way to shift your thinking is to attend a professional or personal development event. We have some great ones listed here: Check out the Sunday business section in your local paper for others.

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