Monday, July 28, 2008


This week is my last dedicated week for my writing project on Everyday Spirituality. I feel some sadness and some irritation (towards myself) that more of the last six weeks wasn't devoted to delving more deeply into this intriguing topic. But, you know the story--work called, mothering called and there was laundry to be done and meals to be made.

As I observe myself ride the wave of feeling around this sabbatical experience, I step back in puzzlement and fascination. Aren't feelings interesting?

Late Friday afternoon I had the treat of spending time with my sweet son at one or our favorite haunts--Deep Eddy, the oldest natural spring-fed swimming pool in Texas. After we swam for a while, I took a break and rested on a blanket while my son continued to play in the water with a new friend.

After a short phone call, I found myself having worrisome thoughts about a dear friend who is going through a lot of transition. I watched my mood shift and felt the discomfort these thoughts carried with them.

Fifteen minutes later, still sitting on the blanket and enjoying the gorgeous 300-year old pecan trees around me, I became mesmerized with a beautiful set of four-month-old twins playing on a blanket right in front of me (they had two other siblings under four--mom had a helper though, thank God). They were so pure and beautiful and joyful.

A little later, I swam some more and felt my mood shift again to one of gratitude--for my schedule, for living in Austin, for my son/husband and for being alive.

They say we should treat feelings like waves--letting them wash over us, but not allowing ourselves to dance in their dangerous arms, getting pulled under by their consuming force.

Ahhh .....waves. So if I am experiencing discomfort in the moment, if I just feel what I'm feeling and not get too attached or overwhelmed by the emotion du jour, they'll soon wash away? I like that.

Because they always do pass, right? And something new will undoubtedly present itself for us to experience and learn from next.


Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...
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Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...

I too must remind myself that these feeling/thoughts should be allowed to wash over us. Accept them and they will serve their purpose and pass.

Beautifully written thank you.

SteveHopson said...

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