Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Peace in the Eye of the Storm

Happy 2008 (have you noticed all the "2008 is going to be great" bumper stickers everywhere?! ...I'm hoping this group intention will affect us all very positively!).

I got two doses of black eyes peas yesterday (one veggie style with lots of cumin-yum--and one with a ham hock, really flavorful). I love this tradition and of course eating lots of hot buttery cornbread with these steaming bowls of goodness is a must. Both of these peafests were shared with good friends and my son/husband--what a wonderful way to usher in this new year.

This morning I went for a walk on a hike/bike trail that encircles a lake near downtown Austin. It was about 31 degrees, which in Texas, means hardly anyone else was out walking! Halfway around, I felt pulled to stop and sit on a lakeside bench. The spot was very quiet--no one around, just still waters, weeping willow trees and a few slow moving ducks. Across the lake I could see and faintly hear one of our busiest expressways. Most were probably driving to work--some maybe be feeling the post-holiday, backlog-of-work calling their names. (I can relate, my a.m. to-do list this Wednesday feels somewhat daunting. Deep breaths ....)

As I sat and observed the contrast of stillness/business, I felt a blanket of calm peace wash over me.

My intention for the holiday season was to remain calm/peaceful in the eye of the storm no matter what drama or excitement (healthy or unhealthy) was unfolding around me.

I think I'll carry this intention into January and beyond as well.

There is something really empowering and comforting about knowing no matter how crazy or exciting or insane things get around us, we really can choose to access that quiet, still space that resides within. For me, returning to this place, feels like going home. Sometimes I get lost or distracted, but it's alwasy there, waiting.

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