Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life is More Than a To-Do List

Returning from an incredible family vacation in Ireland (more on this in my next newsletter) and preparing for “back to school” and a full fall, I’m very observant right now of how my family and I plan to live/play/work over the next few months. I have really enjoyed slowing down during the summer--still working, just taking time to smell the roses--and am adamant about not getting sucked into the vortex of hyperactivity that so often crops up in late fall!

Interestingly, when I was in Ireland (and reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilber-- what a great book), I had a lot of interesting dreams. Some, about being an old woman. I’m still sorting through my feelings about how fleeting our time really is on this planet, but I keep coming back to the question: what do I want to be like when I’m older (not what do I want to do OR where do I want to live, but how I want to “be”)?

And, more importantly, if this differs from how I live now, why is that?!

My friend was sharing how she’s noticed that so many women when they get to their seventies, eighties and beyond, seem to either become bitter and crotchety or completely loving and easy-going. I want to be the easy-going
granny and, for that matter, I want to be the easy going, go with the flow, incredibly generous, nothing ruffles my feathers, not a stitch of controlling tendencies in my body forty-something mother/friend/sister/wife and more!

The other night in my Personal Renewal Group when we were working on Chapter Six from The Mother's Guide, "Let Your Light Shine: Owning Your Personal Power," (http://www.reneetrudeau.com/group/), we visualized how we wanted to live/be in the world. After listing these qualities, we created really beautiful I AM collages using images from magazines that represented these attributes. It was so cool to see the womens' masterpieces and how they lit up when they talked about “who they really are.”

What do you want to be like when you’re 87? Is it different from how you are now?

For me, I know I really enjoy helping other people express their potential (in a healthy, strong boundaries and non-draining way) and I know that serving others will always be an important piece of who I am. I’m really grateful for moments like this that let me step outside of my life as I know it and remind me that we are all more than our “to do lists!”

Hope your transition into fall is effortless, enjoyable, meaningful and filled with lots of great moments of sharing/connection with those you love.

P.S. If you also feel the call to serve and inspire others, you might consider becoming a PRG Facilitator. You can get trained online or join us at the Crossings Sept. 21-23 (early bird registration ends Aug. 20th) http://www.reneetrudeau.com/order/retreat.html. Take good care.

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