Monday, June 25, 2007

What Anchors Me

In my last Renewal newsletter, I talked about those things in my life that “anchor me” and help keep me present. One of the biggest anchors in my life and something I look forward to every month (yet forgot to mention!) is MY Personal Renewal Group. As I spend more and more time supporting other women in getting trained to lead Personal Renewal Groups, I keep thinking at some point I need to stop facilitating groups and pass the baton. But, I can’t. My group feeds me emotionally and spiritually, helps remind me to make my self-care a priority, connects me to our “oneness” and bonds me with a special group of women I care deeply about.

Earlier this month, my colleague, Amy Tieman, author of “Mojo Mom” interviewed me on why I started these groups and why intentional women’s circles are so powerful. I hope you get the chance to check out Amy’s work and listen to our recent conversation “Mojo Mom and Self-Renewal” :

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