Thursday, May 24, 2007

Magical Night of Self-Renewal

Earlier this month we hosted our national book/project launch at Mercury Hall (a 100-year old church that now serves as a funky, beautiful event space) in Austin, TX.

It was called “An Evening of Self-Renewal: Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance” and close to 250 people came out to celebrate and experience the amazing creative diva, Sara Hickman (http://www.sarahickman/), nibble on treats from Whole Foods Market, enjoy wine from our
local favorite urban grocer, “Whip In,” hear amazing storytelling from Austin mamas, a little from me on the evolution of this national women’s initiative and celebrate the growing “self care revolution.”

It was incredible to be with so many women—mostly mothers—in their 20s, 30s, 40s. 50s and 60s (and a few brave men) and feel such a sense of connection and intimacy even though the group was pretty large. Mamas and daughters danced together and friends laughed and cried over profoundly real--and sometimes raw--stories about the journey we call motherhood. It was pretty magical. We’re all still riding the wave from this amazing experience. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day AND launch our women’s initiative. It's been fun to hear how the experience touched those that were there (was pretty unforgettable--I highly recommend Sara Hickman's CD "Motherlode," which honors the dark side and light side of being a mama).

At the event, it sent chills down my spine to flip through our local Personal Renewal Group binder, which held flyers for all the local Groups starting this summer. It was really moving to see how these incredible women are sharing the messages highlighted in the Guide through their own unique voices. And, how they're expressing their creativity through their groups.

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