Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bring on the Magic!!

Every year in January since I was about 30, I have created a vision board--basically a visual snapshot of what you want to experience in your life (athletes and top entertainers do this all the time to help them focus on and meet their goals). Martha Beck--life coach extraordinaire shares here on why vision boards can be so powerful and how to create your own.

Last year I didn't do a vision board. I just forgot. But this year, thanks to my good friend women's empowerment diva Deb Kern for creating the space for this to happen, I did.

Everyone approaches vision boards differently, but I like to choose one word that captures how I want to feel or what I want to experience in the coming year.

This year my word is MAGIC, which I'm defining as having other-worldly, "pinch me," fantastic, supernatural occurrences unfold on a regular basis. 

Why? Professionally, I've got a superhuman job in front of me over the course of the next 5 months (a new book launch and two other large scale projects--any one of which is enough to send someone over the cliff's edge) and I know that in order to move into and through this period of incredible growth and expansion AND keep both my sanity and sense of joy--I'm going to have to have the unimaginable become common place.

One of the ways I am already experiencing MAGIC unfolding is through the amazing support that's flooding in from top-notch professionals, experts and colleagues (that was fast, I just finished my board on Wednesday!) Look forward to much more where that came from.

Got a word or mantra you want to invite into your New Year? Share it on our Live Inside Out Facebook community. It's fun to read what others are focusing on and to imagine us all collectively creating the most delicious stew imaginable as we pour our intentions into my big orange Le Creuset pot. I'll make the cornbread and salad, join me later this month for supper?

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Photo: my 2013 MAGIC vision board.

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